This spider costume is too cute to be afraid of. The legs are super easy to make and cost just a few dollars with items from a dollar store. Wear the spider legs with black clothes, add a set of antennae and you're all set for trick-or-treating.

Step 1


Prep the Back Piece

Place the back piece on the foam board and trace around the outer rim with a marker. Use a utility knife or scissors to cut out the circular shape. The circle should rest on the outer edge of the back piece, not inside it. Set the foam board aside. Paint both sides of the back piece and allow it to fully dry.

Step 2


Make Eight Legs

Cut all four tubes in half so you have eight 3-foot legs.

Step 3


Measure and Mark the Sections

Each of the eight legs needs to bend.  To do so, you will need to create slits in each of the legs. Measure and mark each of the eight pieces into three 12-inch sections.

Step 4


Make Slits in the Legs

Slice the tubes on each mark about two-thirds of the way through so the tubes bend creating three segments in each tube.

Step 5


Add Pipe Cleaners

Insert one pipe cleaner into each end of each slice. Gently press the pipe cleaner to reinforce the bend.

Step 6


Add a Little Decoration

In the center of each section of leg, wrap a pipe cleaner all the way around. Tuck the ends back into tube to prevent cuts from the sharp points.

Step 7


Insert Legs Into Back

When the back piece is dry, place it curved-side up and stick each leg into one of the perforated grooves. Space each one out evenly.

Step 8


Secure the Legs

Turn the back piece upside down. Push a safety pin through the ends of each tube to keep them from slipping out. Use the glue gun to attach the foam circle to the rim so you can neatly hide the tube ends.

Step 9


Add Shoulder Straps

Tie at least three pipe cleaners together to make one shoulder strap. Repeat for the second strap.  Insert each strap into one of the side grooves of the back piece. Turn back piece over and cover it with tulle fabric.

Step 10


Ready to Wear to the Web

Come Halloween, simply slide the pipe-cleaner straps over each shoulder as you would a backpack.