Dangling Beaded Bracelets

Learn how to create dangling beaded bracelets made from Tigertail glass beads and wire.


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Materials and Tools:

1 pkg. Bead Heaven jet large glass bead mix
1 pkg. Bead Heaven jet small glass beads
1 pkg. Bead Heaven black fire-polished glass beads
36" of 20-gauge black-coated copper wire
Bead Heaven gold-tone Tigertail bead stringing kit
round-nose pliers
chain nose pliers
wire cutters
crimping tool


1. Cut three 15-inch lengths of Tigertail.

2. Insert all three lengths through a crimp; then through the ring on the clasp, and back through the crimp, leaving about 1/2 inch of each of the Tigertail lengths extending beyond the crimp. Slide the crimp up to just below the clasp and finish the crimp, following the package directions.

3. Slide a bead with a large hole up to the crimp, inserting all ends of the Tigertail into the bead. Cut off the excess Tigertail just below the bead. Tape the clasp to your work surface.

4. Create the dangles by sliding a couple decorative beads onto the wire. Use the chain nose pliers to bend over about 1/4 inch of wire at the end . Slide the beads down to this end, and put a wrapped loop (see wrapped loop instructions below) just above the last bead.

5. Repeat, making at least 12 to 15 dangles, depending on your preference.

6. Begin stringing one length of Tigertail, periodically adding a beaded dangle until you have filled 7-1/2 inches.

7. Tape this length to the work surface. Repeat with the other two lengths, positioning the dangles so they fall in different spots.

8. Thread all three lengths through a bead with a large hole, then through a crimp, through a jump ring, and back through the crimp and the large bead.

9. Tug gently on the ends to be sure all the beads are touching, and finish the crimp. Cut off the excess Tigertail.

To make wrapped loops:

1. Grip wire with round nose pliers about 1 inch from the end of the wire. Bend wire over pliers jaw.

2. Grip the upper edge of the loop and continue bending wire around pliers.

3. Grip wire so lower jaw is inside loop. Tightly wind tail at least three times around wire at base of loop. Clip off excess tail.

Project designed and demonstrated by Lynda Musante.

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