3 Ways to Make a Pratically No-Sew Tutu Skirt

You don’t have to be a ballerina and it doesn’t have to be a Halloween to wear a tutu skirt — any festive occasion will do. All three of these versions are easy to make; try one out then try one on.
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Photo By: Harlem Logan

Two Tutus

Every little princess deserves a pretty tutu. This classic tulle tutu is a perfect project for beginner crafters because very little sewing is involved and it is super easy to make.

Use Old Sheets to Make This

You don’t need to buy new fabric to make this fun and easy craft project. Old cotton sheets and fabric scraps were combined to fashion this darling skirt.

Not Just for Little Kids

Tutus are great for teens and adults, too. Show off your originality and style with a skirt of many colors.

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