Step 1


Cut Plywood

Cut a piece of plywood down to size using a circular saw. It should be rectangular in shape and large enough to accommodate cubby compartments. For this project, the piece is 44 inches long by 28 inches tall.

Step 2


Paint Plywood

Pour primer into a paint tray and roll a coat on the face of the plywood. Give it at least one hour to dry.

Step 3

Paint Organizer

Once dry, paint the edges of the organizer (Image 1). Pour the rest of the chalkboard paint into a paint tray and, as you did with the primer, roll a coat onto the entire face of the organizer (Image 2). This might take two to three coats.

Step 4


Cut Compartment Pieces

To accommodate mail and other trinkets, the interior for each cubby should be at least 5 1/2 inches tall. The overall height of the compartment will be 7 inches and the overall length will be 44 inches. To frame out this rectangular box, cut two pieces of 1x6 down to 44 inches and two pieces down to 7 inches. Miter the ends of each piece at 45 degrees to ensure a more flush finish.

Step 5


Build Rectangular Box

Glue each end, and assemble the rectangular box (Using a set of speed clamps for an extra set of hands). Tack 1-1/2-inch nails in with a nail gun at each end to ensure a strong hold.

Step 6

Cut Pieces for Extra Cubbies

The box will be separated into five cubbies. The cubby in the center will be slightly longer to accommodate mail while the two cubbies on the sides will be somewhat smaller. The interior height of each partition will be at a height of 5 3/4 inches. Cut four pieces of 1x6 down to 5 3/4 inches each.

Step 7


Measure for Middle Cubby

From the center of the cubby unit, measure and mark 5 inches on both sides. This will give you a middle cubby that is 10 inches long.

Step 8


Assemble Cubby Compartment

Glue, clamp and nail the vertical 5-3/4 pieces on the outside of the marks. From here, mark the center line of the two exterior boxes. Glue and nail another vertical partition on both center lines.

Step 9


Spray Paint Compartment

Take the cubby compartment outside and give it a coat of white spray paint.

Step 10


Attach Compartment

Once dry, screw the cubby compartment into place on the bottom portion of the organizer. Screw it in from the back side of the organizer to hide the screws.

Step 11


Assemble Corkboard

Find and mark the center of the organizer to find the placement of the corkboard. Draw a line down the center of the board to separate the sides.

Step 12

Attach Corkboard

With a pair of scissors, or a razor blade, cut the piece of cork so it fits nicely on one side of the board (Image 1). Spray the board and the cork with adhesive (Image 2). Stick the cork in the desired spot (Image 3).

Step 13


Secure Organizer

Secure organizer to the wall.