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How to Paint a Decorative Wall Panel

A sofa gets a Victorian-inspired decorative wall panel.

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painting a decorative wall panel
  • Time


  • Price Range

    $50 - $100

  • Difficulty

    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Tape the Wall and Paint the Panel

  • For visual continuity, measure and level the top line of the panel the top line of the doorway.

  • Paint the panel Wythe Blue.

Benjamin Moore paint #HC-143 (Wythe Blue)

tape wall and paint panel

Step 2: Load the Double Roller with Paint

  • Apply the Victorian pattern with a double roller. First, remove the patterned roller and load the plain roller with Caldwell Green paint. Reattach the pattern roller to the plain roller.

    Benjamin Moore paint #HC15 (Caldwell Green)

  • Mark the edge of the pattern roller with a blue X (Image 1) to keep each vertical line of the pattern aligned (Image 2) with the previous line. Begin each line of pattern with the X at the top of the tape line (Image 3). Before beginning each line, hand-roll the pattern roller to load it with paint.

  • Step 3: Pull Downward to Create the Pattern

  • Place the roller with the X positioned on the tape line and pull straight down (Image 1), making sure only the pattern roller touches the wall (Image 2). Repeat the process until the panel is complete (Image 3).

  • Step 4: Paint a Narrow Border Around the Panel

  • When the paint is completely dry, remove the tape and, using an angled artist's brush, paint a narrow border around the edges of the panel.

    paint narrow border around edges of panel
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