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Light Your Deck


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Tools & Materials

Exterior light fixture
Solar cap lights
Solar post lights
Solar stair markers
Power drill
Wood screws
Acrylic sheet
Metal band
Metal caps
Battery-powered nightlight
Strings of solar globes
Press-on hooks
GFCI outlet
Solar lanterns
Plant hangers
Votive chandelier
Fire bowl

Tips to Light Up Your Deck

TIP: Make your deck safer and more enjoyable with strategically placed lights.

1. Replace outdated light with new exterior fixture.

TIP: Fixture with two bulbs is safer than one-bulb unit; if one burns out, you will have light from other.

2. Light stairs with solar markers.

TIP: Solar lights are economical to operate and don’t need wiring.

3. Light perimeter with solar cap and post lights.

TIP: Attach post lights to sunny side of post so they stay charged.

4. Light way to deck with solar path lights.

5. For conversation area, make tube light.

6. Bend acrylic sheet into tube and clamp with metal bands.

7. Put metal cap on top; set battery-powered nightlight in second metal cap and put on bottom.

8. Hang solar lanterns on plant hangers.

9. Hang string lights from plant hangers.

TIP: Plug strings into GFCI outlet.

10. Install votive chandelier under umbrella.

11. Set fire bowl on layer of pavers.

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