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Laminate Tiles

This DIY Basic will provide tips on laminate tiles.

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Gather Your Materials and Tools

Laminate tiles are easy to install over almost any type of existing flooring. First, gather your materials and tools.

Materials and Tools:

dry or steam mop
laminate tiles
measuring tape
utility knife
circular saw
rubber mallet
tapping block
adhesive or duct tape
laminate adhesive

Prep the Floor

Remove molding, and thoroughly mop floor.

Lay out first strip of padding. Measure and trim padding to fit around walls and built-in cabinets.

When first strip is in place, pull it out from wall 1/4 inch for expansion gap.

Lay the First Row of Tiles

Cut tongues off one side of first row of laminate tiles.

Lay cut sides flush with edge of padding. Insert spacers between tile and wall to allow for expansion.

Place grooves of next row of tiles over tongues of first row.

With rubber mallet and tapping block, gently tap tiles together to lock in place.

Add More Padding and More Tiles

When first section of padding is filled, lay out another section.

Tip: Attach strips of padding with duct tape.

Continue tapping tiles into place as before.

Finish the Installation

A little adhesive on tongues in areas where water might get on floor will prevent tiles from separating.

Reinstall molding.

Tip: Never wet mop laminate floor; clean with dry mop or steam.