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Kitchen Ceiling Update

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Tools & Materials

Faux tin ceiling tiles
Chalk line
Measuring tape
Contact cement
Utility knife
Finishing nails
Fixed track lights
Back plate
Mini pendant lights

Tips for a Kitchen Ceiling Update

1. Measure and mark midpoints of walls and snap perpendicular chalk lines.

2. Apply contact cement to four tiles and let set up for a few minutes to make glue stick better.

3. Set first tile in one corner of center.

4. Press and click other three tiles into other three corners.

5. Set additional tiles around first four until ceiling is covered.

6. Trim last row with utility knife.

7. Attach molding to walls with finishing nails.

8. Install fixed track lights.

TIP: If original opening is larger than new base, cover it with back plate.

9. Hang mini pendants over island and counters.

TIP: Pendants should hang 28 to 32 inches over surface.