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Installing Pre-Fab Laminate Countertops

This DIY Basic will provide tips on installing pre-fab laminate countertops.

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Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:

measuring tape
transparent tape
power saw with fine-tooth blade (10–12 teeth per inch)
sharp punch or large nail
keyhole saw with fine-tooth blade
fine file
power drill with assorted bits
carpenter's square
sanding block and sandpaper

Remove the Old Counter and Take Measurements

Easy-to-install pre-fab laminate countertops can be used in many different rooms in a home. Freshen your laundry room with a new laminate work/folding counter. A laminate desktop adds easy-to-clean efficiency to a home office. Polish the look of an outdated bath with a laminate vanity top and integrated sink. Pre-fab laminate countertops add value as well as style to a kitchen.

Start by removing old countertop and installing new MDF or particleboard base.

Measure cabinet(s) to be covered section by section. The measurement along back wall needs to be most accurate. If cabinet does not abut wall or appliance, add 1/4 inch for overhang.

Tip: To avoid costly errors, measure twice before cutting laminate.

Mark Cut Lines

With pencil, mark cut lines on top of countertop slab. To prevent chipping while sawing, cover lines with masking tape.

Tip: Do not make cuts on mitered ends, if you have them.

Flip laminate and mark cut line on bottom, also.

Cut the Countertop

Saw from bottom side.

A build-up kit is required on some cabinetry to make drawers slide easily.

If you need corners, it is best to buy pre-mitered sections.

To scribe countertop to match wall surface, mark top edge with pencil and file or sand to the line.

Level and Secure the Countertop

Set countertop in place and check level and stability.

Secure countertop to cabinets with wood screws or panel adhesive. Make sure screws are not long enough to break through laminate.

Smooth raw ends with router or file before applying end caps or end splash.

Tip: For everyday cleaning of laminate, use microfiber cloth with mild detergent or household cleaner.