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Installing Energy-Saving Tips for Windows

This DIY Basic will provide tips on installing energy-saving tips for Windows.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:

tape measure
rubber squeegee
transparent tape
single-edged razor blade
window cleaner
felt marker
energy-saving window film
application solution or purified water and baby shampoo
trim tool
hard card
low-lint rags
drop cloth

Step 3: Prep the Area

Energy-saving window film can lower cooling costs by up to 50 percent and reduce glare from sun. Light-colored film can reduce glare and heat, rejects up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays and can reduce cooling costs up to 30 percent. Darker film can cut cooling costs up to 50 percent. For privacy, cover windows with opaque energy-saving film.

- One quart purified water plus half cap of baby shampoo can be substituted for application solution.
- Apply film to shaded windows when glass temperature is 45 degrees F to 90 degrees F; DO NOT apply in direct sunlight or freezing weather.
- Apply to smooth glass panes only, not plastic.

Start by making installation area as dust-free as possible: close windows, turn off HVAC fan, vacuum floor and walls.

Step 4: Measure and Cut the Window Film

Measure windowpane.

Unroll film on clean, flat surface and mark cuts.

Using sharp scissors, cut film at least 1 inch larger than glass.

Step 5: Clean and Spray the Window

Generously spray window with application solution and scrape with razor blade.

Re-spray window and clean with squeegee, using overlapping strokes.

With low-lint rag, dry window gaskets and frame.

Spray window generously with application solution.

Step 6: Adhere Film to the Window

Wash hands thoroughly before removing liner from film.

With film flat on table, remove liner by pulling apart film and liner with two lengths of transparent tape.

Lightly spray exposed surface with application solution.

Holding film by top two corners, lay wet film surface against wet glass.

Tip: Aligning factory edge against edge of frame will save one cut. If top edge is level, film will flow onto wet pane.

Spray film surface again.

Step 7: Remove Air Bubbles and Trim Edges

With side of hand, push large air bubbles out sides.

Set center by firmly stroking with squeegee. Beginning at top, push squeegee horizontally from center to sides, stopping 2 inches short of edge.

Use hard card and trim tool to press film into corners. With trim tool, trim film edges flush with frame.

Tip: Trim out of corners, not in.

Spray film again with application solution and squeegee again horizontally.

With hard card wrapped in single layer of low-lint cloth, push out remaining moisture.

Tip: If bubbles reappear at anytime, pull up film, re-spray pane, re-position film, and push out bubbles.