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Installing Custom Cherry Cabinets

The experts at DIY Network make over a kitchen and show how to install custom cherry cabinets.

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    $10,000 - $15,000

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Step 1: Install the Upper Cabinets

Start in the corner and work out. Locate and mark studs. Transfer those measurements to the cabinet and drill pilot holes from the inside of the cabinet.
Start the cabinet screws in the holes, hold it up to the wall and support the cabinet with 2x4s cut to the height of the cabinet. Check for level and plumb and add shims as needed. Secure to wall with cabinet screws (Image 1).

If cutouts are needed for electrical boxes, trace the box with lipstick (Image 2) then hold the cabinet in the correct place and press firmly (Image 3). The lipstick will transfer to the cabinet (Image 4). Connect the lines, drill a pilot hole and make the cutout with a jigsaw.

Clamp adjoining cabinets together and connect the cabinets with screws through the stiles.

Step 2: Install the Base Cabinets

Attach adjoining bases with screws through the stiles then slide the entire unit into place. Check for level, make sure the cabinets are square to the wall and add shims as needed.

Find studs and secure to the wall.

Step 3: Secure the Two-tiered Island Assembly

Dry fit cabinets and table and adjust their placement to ensure enough clearance room is left around the entire unit.

Clamp the bases together and place shims between them to fill the gaps. Secure the boxes together with screws.



  • Tin ceiling from The American Tin Ceiling Co.
    Guillotine paper trimmer from Martin Yale Industries