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Installing Crown Molding (page 1 of 2)

Crown molding adds a dramatic look to almost any room, finishing the wall and providing a stylish transition to the ceiling surface. Follow these steps to install crown molding in your home.
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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Available in traditional egg-and-dart or dental molding, crown molding materials have evolved to include foam and MDF. As well as enhancing your home, crown molding has a practical benefit because it hides any imperfections where the walls and ceiling meet. When installing crown molding, always remember to follow safe practices when working on a ladder or scaffold.

Find Wall Studs

Find and mark the wall studs in the room with a stud finder or with nails. Mark studs with just a pencil.

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Secure Nailing Strip to Wall

Measure the height of the crown molding. Trace the height of a piece of molding on a block (Image 1).

Transfer the measurement to a nailing strip and cut it to length (Image 2).

Use the nailing strip to mark layout lines on the walls (Image 3).

Cut a miter in the nailing strip so it follows the profile of the crown (Image 4).

Use screws to securely attach the nailing strip along the stud marks (Image 5).

Measure and Cut Molding

Mark the placement of the crown molding on the wall (Image 1).

Measure and cut the molding to length (Image 2).

Smooth the ends of mitered pieces to make a clean joint (Image 3).

Drill pilot holes in the molding to help prevent splitting (Image 4). Nail in place.

Attach Molding to Wall

Using finish nails, nail the piece of crown in place (Image 1).

Use a nail set to make sure the nails are below the surface of the molding (Image 2).

When attaching mitered pieces, line the end of one piece with construction adhesive (Image 3).

Use a finish nail to secure the two pieces at the joint (Image 4).

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Excerpted from Do It Yourself Home Improvement

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