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Installing a Vent Hood

Host Paul Ryan gives instructions on how to install a vent hood from start to finish.

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Step 1: Mark the Hole Placement

Remove the face of the cabinet where the exhaust vent hole needs to go.

Outside the house, expose the framing in the wall. Remove the siding, house wrap and sheathing from the exterior of the house in the area of the vent hole. Pull back the insulation and remove any bracing that may be in the way. Always wear gloves when handling insulation.

From inside, run a keyhole saw through to mark the location of the hole.

Toenail in the blocking (Image 1) so it is in the correct position to hold the vent hood hangers.

Using the vent elbow as a template (Image 2), mark the hole placement outside.

Step 2: Cut the Hole

Cut a hole through the studs with a reciprocating saw.

Finish the hole in the interior drywall and dry fit the elbow.

Step 3: Connect the Electrical and Install the Hood

Use a paper template to mark the location of the hangers and screw them in.

After connecting the electrical, place the elbow in the hole and then slide the vent hood into place, making sure it connects to the elbow and is resting on the hangers.

slide vent hood into place