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Installing a Shower Door

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to install a shower door.

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Step 1: Cut the Track

Measure the inside area for the shower door. Transfer the measurement to the track. Using a hacksaw, cut the track 1/16" shorter for an easy fit. Use a miter box for straight edges. You may need to round off the corners with a file if your shower has rounded corners.

Step 2: Secure the Track and the Rails

Center the track in place on the shower or bathtub sill, and secure it with tape.

Snap the side rails (jambs) into place, and use a level to check for plumb (Image 1).

snap jambs into place and check for plumb

Courtesy of Blake Brinkman

Step 3: Remove the Curb and Jambs

Mark the holes for mounting the jambs along both sides of the curb. Remove the curb and jambs.

Step 4: Drill Holes and Secure the Wall Anchors

Drill mounting holes, using a 3/16" drill bit. Mark the holes with an awl to make a depression for your drill bit. You may need a tile-cutting bit for tile walls.

Tap plastic wall anchors into place, and wipe any dust from the work surface.

Step 5: Apply Caulk

Apply caulk inside the lines for the track, and set the track in place (Image 1). The track has weep holes on one side for draining. Be sure to keep them on the inside of the shower.

apply caulk inside lines for track

Courtesy of Blake Brinkman

Step 6: Install the Header

Set one side rail into place, and secure it to the wall with screws (Image 1). Slide the header onto the other side rail (Image 2), and slide the other end of the header onto the rail on the wall.

Step 7: Install Rollers

Install rollers on the door by screwing them into place (Image 1). The doors hang from the rollers and allow them to slide along the track. They are installed in diagonal slots so they can be adjusted.

doors hang from rollers that allow them to slide

Courtesy of Blake Brinkman

Step 8: Hang the Doors

Install the inside door closest to the showerhead. This prevents water from getting through the gap and onto the floor.

Set the bottom of the door into the shower area. Push the top part into the track, and let it hang from the rollers. Hang the second door, and push both doors to one side. Set the center guide in place, and drill a pilot hole through the side of the tub (Image 1). Secure the guide with a screw

set center guide in place for sliding tub doors

Courtesy of Blake Brinkman

Step 9: Finish the Installation

Place rubber bumpers over the screws in the side rails.

Attach the handrail to the door.

Caulk the corners where the sides meet the wall and where the track meets the sill.