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Installing a Pedestal Sink

The clean lines of this sink open up space in a bathroom design.

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pedestal sink creates modern stylish bathroom
  • Time

    Under Half Day

  • Price Range

    $100 - $250

  • Difficulty

    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Adjust the Sink

Position the pedestal and dry fit the sink on top. Check for level and shift the sink to adjust. Once the sink is level, mark the location of the bolt holes.

position pedestal and dry fit sink on top

Step 2: Line Up the Bolt Holes

Remove the sink and set it aside. If the bolt holes don't line up with the wall studs, install a backer board behind the drywall -- anchored to the studs -- to have a solid piece to hold the sink. The sink needs to be attached to studs or to a sturdy board anchored to studs; plain wall anchors just won't do the job.

Step 3: Drill Pilot Holes

Drill pilot holes at the marks for the bolt holes. If using a backer board, it's important to drill only partway into the board. Measure and wrap a piece of tape around the drill bit as a guide to the correct depth.

Step 4: Screw in the Anchor Bolts

Use locking pliers to screw the anchor bolts into the wall. Make sure the bolts go in straight so the sink sits properly. Set the sink in place on the bolts and slide the pedestal in underneath.

use locking pliers to screw anchor bolts into wall

Step 5: Secure the Anchor Bolts

Secure the sink to the bolts with two washers and a nut on each bolt. Put a nylon washer next to the sink surface, then use a metal washer between it and the nut. Tighten the nuts carefully to avoid cracking the sink. Check again for level and adjust as needed.

Step 6: Hook Up the Water Supply

Hook up the water-supply lines and the drain pipe.

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  • Sink and toilet from Duravit
  • Faucet and fixtures from Hansgrohe