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Installing a Patio Sound System

This DIY Basic will provide tips on installing a patio sound system.

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Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:

outdoor speakers
durable speaker wire
volume control box
power drill with masonry and/or wood bits
wire snips
wire tacks

Run the Indoor Speaker Wires to the Outdoor Space

An outdoor sound system is easy to install if you run it off your indoor system. Get a sound system rated for outdoor use.

Choose a sheltered spot for speakers, under an eave or porch. Run durable speaker wire from inside sound system through wall to outdoor space.

Drill through wall as low as possible in inconspicuous place.

Tip: Use masonry bit when drilling through block, stone or brick.

Install the Volume Control Box

Install volume control box on exterior wall.

Run wire through volume control box, and run wire to each speaker.

Test sound from speakers before mounting them. Adjust positions of speakers to fill sound voids.

Mount the Speakers

Mount brackets in proper places. Pre-drill holes into solid wood or masonry; siding and shingles alone may not be strong enough to support speakers.

Attach speakers to brackets.

Secure wire to wall with wire tacks. To avoid fire hazard, NEVER drive nails into wire.

Caulk edges of volume control box to keep out moisture.