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Installing a Kitchen Island

This DIY Basic will provide tips on Installing a kitchen island.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:

measuring tape
tape line
power drill
pan-head cabinet screws
carpenter's level
nail set
long finishing nails
wood putty
cotton balls

Step 3: Choose a Spot for the Island

A kitchen island should not sit on top of the floor like a piece of furniture; it must be firmly attached to the floor.

Start by removing island drawers and cabinet doors.

Select location for island.

Tip: Make sure you can move easily on all sides and that no work triangle is obstructed.

Step 4: Measure the Island and Install the Platform

Set island in place and trace around bottom with pencil.

Remove island.

Set toe-kick platform in outline of island.

Screw platform to floor.

Tip: If island does not come with toe-kick platform, create L-shaped cleats out of 2x4s and screw them to floor.

Step 5: Secure the Island and Finish Installation

Using long finishing nails, secure island to toe-kick platform or cleats.

Tip: Nails should be centered on platform rails or cleats.

Using nail set, recess nail heads and fill holes with wood putty.

Stain putty the color of island.

Replace island drawers and doors.

Hang pot rack over island to tie it into kitchen.