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Installing a Dishwasher

Install a dishwasher with these simple steps to save time and money.

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Reveal Dishwasher Underside

Gather all the installation pieces that came with the unit. Carefully tilt the dishwasher onto the floor, revealing the underside.

Unscrew Toe Kick

Unscrew the toe kick.

Attach Power Cord to Wires

Undo the electrical housing and attach the power cord to the electrical wires: black to black, white to white and green to green.

Attach Over Fitting

Attach the appropriate change over fitting for the water hose, and then stand the unit upright.

Attach Hot Wire Line

Attach the hot wire line to the change over fitting.

Attach Waste Disposal Hose

Using a pair of pliers, attach the waste disposal hose using spring clamps that come with the dishwasher.

Place Dishwasher

Once everything is connected to the unit, move it closer to the installation area. Push the dishwasher into place, while pushing both the waste hose and the hot water hose into the area underneath the sink.

Plug In Dishwasher

Plug the dishwasher into the receptacle. Slowly push the unit completely into the space where it will remain permanently. If the unit doesn't fit, adjust and level the feet of the dishwasher.

Attach to Plumbing

Attach the hot water line to your existing plumbing, as well as the waste hose onto your waste water line.

Reinstall Toe Kick

Reinstall the toe kick. Turn on the unit and make sure it is working properly.

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