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Installing a Combo Vanity

This DIY Download will provide tips on installing a combo vanity.

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Tools & Materials

(2) sawhorses
Sink tailpiece
Silicone caulk
Carpenter’s level
Flexible hot and cold water lines
Putty knife
Stud finder
2 ½- to 3-inch wood screws
Power drill

Remove the Old Vanity

TIP: Replacing an outdated vanity with a new, furniture-style vanity-sink combo is an easy bath update.

1. Shut off water at main valve.

2. Turn off waterlines to sink.

3. Remove old sink & cabinet.

TIP: Scrap away old caulk and sand smooth, if necessary

TIP: If old sink had standard plumbing, water supply & drain connections should fit standard combo sink.

Install the Fixtures on the New Vanity

1. Place new vanity top on two sawhorses so you can reach upper and lower sides.

2. Screw faucet and control handles into place and with wrench tighten nuts underneath sink.

3. Bolt tailpiece to sink drain and caulk around joint.

4. Screw flexible water lines into bottom of faucet assembly.

Position and Level the Cabinet

1. Position cabinet on floor or base and level.

2. Locate studs in wall behind and attach cabinet with 2 ½- or 3-inch wood screws.

TIP: Level cabinet again after installing screw on one side, then attach other side.

Install the New Vanity Top

1. Apply thick layer of caulk to underside of vanity top and to backside or backsplash where touching wall.

2. Place new top on cabinet and slide from side to side until backsplash is flush with wall.

TIP: Make sure top is centered on cabinet.

Attach the Waterlines

1. Bolt waterlines to control valves under sink and bolt drainpipe to pipes.

2. Attach metal bracket piece to end of drain’s pop-up control rod and feed metal rod coming from drain port in pipe through bottom hole in bracket.

3. Tighten nut on bolt at connection with pop-up control rod.

4. Turn water back on.

5. Fill gaps between wall and cabinet and top with matching silicone caulk.