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Installing a Closet Organizer

Tackle this DIY project for installing a closet organization system and say goodbye to your messy closets.

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Closet organizer

Step 1: Remove Old Closet

Remove your old closet material and mark the back wall at 75-3/4”. Use a level and a tape measure to make sure the marks are straight and level.

Step 2: Mark Locations for Vertical Panels

Locate and mark all studs along each line. Then mark the location of each vertical panel by referring to each unit width measurement.

Step 3: Cut Track to Length

After determining the width of each unit and the location of studs, cut the track to length with a hacksaw.

Step 4: Attach Track to Wall

Using a drill, attach track across the back wall to the studs.

Step 5: Hang Vertical Panels

Hang the vertical track panels from track according to your design.

Step 6: Install Cam Shelf

Install cam shelf by placing shelf with cam fittings on cam screws and tightening fittings with a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 7: Install Shelves

Attach shelf pins and install shelves at desired heights.

Step 8: Install Drawers

Using an electric drill, secure drawer glides to the panels (Image 1). Then, using a screwdriver, secure all of the drawer faces and install each drawer (Image 2).

Step 9: Add Closet Rods

Last, install the closet rods.

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