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Installing a Basketball Goal

This DIY Basic will provide tips on how to install a basketball goal.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:

80-pound bags quick-drying concrete (4)
40-pound bag small gravel
posthole digger
long mason's level
post-mount basketball goal kit with backboard, rim, net and mounting bracket
6-foot 4x4 wooden post
guy wires
wooden braces
water bucket
ball rack

Step 3: Dig and Prep the Posthole

A level section of driveway makes a great basketball court.

Dig posthole next to playing surface. Posthole should be 24 inches deep and 18 inches across.

Tip: To help with drainage, pour 6 inches of gravel into bottom of hole.

Step 4: Install the Post

Set post on top of gravel.

Use long mason's level to check for plumb. Brace post with guy wires and wooden braces to keep it plumb.

Mix concrete and water in wheelbarrow.

Tip: Concrete should not be soupy; drier mix will dry faster and support post better.

Fill posthole with concrete. Or, fill hole with dry concrete, add water and tamp down as concrete hardens.

Let dry 48 hours, checking post frequently for plumb.

Step 5: Add the Finishing Touches

Use mounting bracket to attach backboard to post.

Set assembly on pole and secure locking screw.

Hang net and adjust height of backboard.

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