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Install Flexible Low-Voltage Rope Lighting

Here's an easy, low-cost project that can add dramatic lighting to cabinets or moldings.

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low voltage rope adds accent lighting
  • Time

    1 hour

  • Price Range

    $1 - $50

  • Difficulty


Here's How To Do It:

Install the Rope Lighting

Run a piece of string along the route you intend to use for your rope lighting. Tighten the string, and use it as a marking reference.

If you’re draping the rope light along moldings, install cup hooks on your marks.

If you’re installing the lighting in a cabinet, drill holes on your marks into the sides of the base portion of the wall cabinets. Use a spade bit that makes holes just large enough for the rope lighting to pass through.

Thread the rope lighting through the holes, and support it with cable clips as needed.

Attach the Electrodes

Place a plastic cap (included in the rope-light kit) on the end of the rope light farthest from the power source (Image 1).

On the end closest to the power source, insert male electrode spikes (included in the rope-light kit) into the conductors on the rope light (Image 2).

Slip the collar over the electrodes (Image 3).

Next, slip the sleeve onto the rope light, and tighten the collar to the sleeve (Image 4).

Insert the female connector (attached to the power cord) to the male connector on the rope light.

Screw the support connector in place to ensure that the connectors won't come apart.

Secure the remaining rope lighting to the cabinet, and plug it in.