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Install a Heated-Tile Floor

Looking for added comfort in the bathroom? Use these step-by-step instructions and learn how to install a heated-tile floor.

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Step 1: Plan the Layout


  • Check all warrantee information on your heating element when you begin. Often a severed wire or a change in volt reading could mean you void your warranty.
  • Consider using a "loudmouth," to test the mat during your installation too. This will tell you if you cut through your heating element.

Make a blueprint of the bathroom and pre-plan the layout of the heating element.

Step 2: Lay Out and Staple the Mat

Lay out the mat, stapling it to the floor as you work. Dry fit the mat before stapling.

To make a turn on the floor, cut the mat with scissors along the mesh, making sure not to cut through the heating wire.

Step 3: Cover the Entire Floor, Then Tile

Follow your layout to ensure you cover the entire floor.

Then lay tile as with any regular tile job, using extra thinset on the heating mat.

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