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How to Build a Wooden Snowman (page 2 of 2)

No snow? No worries. Make your own wintry snowman to decorate your yard.

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Assemble Hands and Arms

Refer to the cut list for creating the thumbs, forefingers, middle fingers, pinkies, palms and forearms pieces. Create one set, then another as a mirror image of the first.

Cut the angles on the parts using a miter saw. Drill pocket holes in the parts (image 1). Drill pocket holes in the ends of the upper arm. Assemble the hands using glue and pocket-hole screws (image 2). Attach the upper arm to the forearms (image 3). Sand any rough edges and corners, and apply black paint to the arm/hand assembly.

Lay the body facedown. Position the arm/hand assembly roughly centered on the middle circle of the body. Attach the arm assembly to the body using three 1-1/4-inch deck screws and no glue (image 4). Using screws without glue will allow you to remove the arm/hand assembly for storage.

Finishing Touches

Use the guide for cutting and drilling pocket holes in the nose (image 1). Paint the nose orange and attach to the top circle (head) of the body using 1-1/4-inch pocket-hole screws and no glue (image 2). Use an artist brush to add eyes and a mouth (image 3).

Cut the support piece per the project cut list. Cut a 45-degree angle on one end and a 30-degree angle on the other end. Drill two pocket holes on the 45-degree end. Position the support piece horizontally centered and 16-1/2-inches from the bottom of the body, then attach using 1-1/4-inch pocket-hole screws and no glue (image 4). Accessorize your snowman with a scarf, vest, jacket or whatever you like (image 5).

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