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How to Wrap a Ceiling Girder With Wood (page 2 of 2)

Create a country-style look in the kitchen by wrapping ceiling girders in wood.

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Step 5: Install Bottom Cut

The pre-measured bottom cut is applied with heavy-duty construction adhesive (Image 1). If wall cabs are still in place, carefully guide the glue-covered bottom cut into place, sliding it between the wall cab and the bottom of the girder (Image 2). Before finish nailing, assure that the bottom cut is flush on both sides (Image 3). Minor adjustments may be needed as the bottom cut is aligned while moving down the girder (Image 4).

Step 6: Finish Work

Fill nail holes with wood putty and lightly sand them down when dry. If the plan is to paint, apply a thin coat of primer onto the girder wrap. When dry, apply one or two more coats of paint.

Builder's Tip: Blue painter's tape, applied to the ceiling and wall, may assist the unsteady paintbrush and prevent paint from being applied to unwanted areas.

If staining, test the stain tone on a piece of scrap wood cut from the girder wrap. Apply as many coats as needed for the desired finish. Almost any girder can be wrapped to create a finished look. It takes careful measurements, an assistant's hand and the desire to make the ceiling girder into a beam of wood-wrapped art.


If the plan is to stain, and clear pine was applied to wrap the girder, consider "pickling" or "liming" the wood, instead of staining it. Thin white oil-based paint or stain with a solvent (thinner or mineral spirits) and apply the mixture to the wood surface, then wipe off the solution, allowing the underlying wood grain to show through.

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