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How to Wire an Entertainment Bar

Host Fuad Reveiz shows how to wire and add outlets to an entertainment bar.

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Step 1: Remove the Outlets

Remove the cover plates and pull out the outlets.

Step 2: Attach the Wires

Cap non-metallic building electrical wire, and push a large section through the back of the box and into the wall. Attach the other end of the wires through the quick-connect holes on the back of the outlet. Attach the black wire to the black side; the white wire to the white side and the grounds together. Put the outlet back into the box and replace the cover plate.

Step 3: Mount an Electrical Box

Pull the wire through from the other side. Mount an electrical box for the under-counter refrigerator and push the wires through the back of the box.

Step 4: Install Two More Boxes

Install two more boxes in the backsplash at the top of the wall that will be accessible from behind.

Step 5: Fish Wire Through the Wall Studs

Drill holes in the studs and fish non-metallic building electrical wire through the wall studs into the other electrical boxes, so all are looped together (image 1). Use plastic staples to secure the non-metallic building electrical wire to the wall studs (image 2).

Step 6: Set the First Section in Place

Measure the length of the drywall pieces, and set the first section in place and trace around outlet boxes.

set first section in place

Step 7: Attach the Drywall

Cut the outlet holes with a keyhole saw, and set the drywall back in position. Attach it to the studs with drywall screws.

Step 8: Score the Back of the Drywall

Trim the tops of the drywall with a utility knife. Use the knife to score the back surface of the drywall, using the top of the wall as a guide. Snap the drywall and cut the other side of the paper backing.

score back of drywall

Step 9: Install the Outlets

Install the outlets in the electrical boxes. Attach the white wires to the silver screws, and attach the black wires to the brass screws. Connect the ground wires and tie it off to the green ground screw.

Step 10: Place the First Cabinet

Set the first cabinet into position on the short wall. Check for level and plumb.

Step 11: Attach the Top Drawer

Remove the top drawer of the cabinet and attach it to the wall studs using 3" cabinet screws. Set the other cabinet in place and check for plumb and level.

Step 12: Attach a Filler Strip

Attach the cabinet to the wall, making sure the screws go through the mounting board and into the studs. Pre-drill the cabinets at the corner and bring it together with 2" square drive screws. Attach a filler strip to the wall to trim out the refrigerator opening.

attach filler strip to wall for trim

Step 13: Create Extra Support

Install 2x2 bracing between the tops of the cabinets along the wall to create extra support for the granite countertops.