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How to Utilize a Quarry

Use this "survival guide" to equip and empower yourself for that next trip to the quarry.

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"quarry has stones in many colors,sizes and s

Step 1: Know the Layout

Start at the main office, get a map and ask for directions. The quarry can be expansive with its cutting shops, warehouses and displays spread over the yard. So, know where you’re going and how to get there!

get a map of the quarry and be ready to work

Step 2: Do Homework

Have some idea of what type stone you want. Use pictures from magazines and books or visit other job sites for ideas. The more you know, the better you’ll be at decision-making time.

Step 3: Know What’s New

Don’t be afraid to ask what’s new. Newer products, like thin stone veneer and paver products, can make all the difference in your project ... especially when it comes to making your job easier or creating a distinct stone look.

Step 4: Use the Quarry as a Reference Center

Look to the quarry as a place to help you find what you need. If you want to do it yourself, see if your quarry or stone yard offers classes; if you want to hire somebody, ask for mason recommendations. If you have a lot of questions, go in off-peak hours. Usually, late mornings and early afternoons during the week, or early mornings and late afternoons on Saturday, are great off-peak times.

quarry is the reference center for supplies needed

Step 5: Know the Stone

Don’t choose stone on looks alone. That could be a costly mistake! Know which stone is 'right' for the project. Some stones are conducive to interior use, while others are best for outdoors. Some stone is cheaper but will cost you in labor time, while other more expensive stone will save you time and effort.

pick the right stone for the right project

Step 6: Bring Samples Home

Many quarries have sample areas where they display all of their stone. Look at pallets of stone to see the variety of colors, sizes and shapes. Once you find a few stone types you like, take samples home and decide on which is the right stone for your project. Even if there is a cost involved, go ahead and do it. A little planning will go a long way with stone.

Step 7: Talk the Talk

Every business has its own lingo, and the quarry is no exception. Know a little something about what you’re asking for. If you don’t know, don’t fake it and ask.

Step 8: Know your Numbers

Every project begins with measuring, but ordering stone for your project can be confusing. Know what your project dimensions are and then ask the experts for help with ordering the right amount.

ordering the right amount of stone is important

Step 9: Stay Safe

Big trucks, big piles, big mess! Be careful or you're looking at big trouble. Don't wander off on your own or leave children to run around unsupervised. There are dangerous areas at the quarries. Wear appropriate clothing. Quarries are dusty, so this is not a place for your Sunday best.

use good judgement on safety and clothes at quarry

Step 10: Check out Tools

Quarries are places for stone and masonry tools. If you're planning on doing a lot of stonework, this is the place to buy your tools. If there's one tool that worth putting more money into, it's a good chipping hammer. Look for one that is a single piece of steel with a rubber handle. Quarries also have a system for buying and checking out, so let them help you with this final step.

buy masonary tools for stonework at quarries

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