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How to Upholster a Headboard With Nail-Head Trim (page 2 of 3)

Create a dramatic focal point in your bedroom with a custom, upholstered headboard that extends to the ceiling.

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Cover Foam With Batting

Spread two layers of batting over foam and frame leaving at least two inches excess on all sides.

Cover Batting With Fabric

Center fabric panel over batting and frame with at least four inches excess extending beyond all sides. Adjust fabric placement to ensure pattern is equal on left and right sides of frame.

Tuck Edges and Secure With Nail Head Trim

Tuck fabric and batting firmly under headboard frame along all sides to hold in place. Secure fabric to headboard by hammering nail head trim through fabric into frame every six inches. As you hammer, make sure to keep fabric taut. To create a placement guide for the nail heads, draw a straight line with fabric marker. Continue adding nail heads until border around entire frame is created.

Glue Fabric to Frame

Pull excess fabric out from under frame. Apply fabric glue along top and side edges of wood frame. Press fabric firmly onto glue and tuck under frame. Allow to dry for at least one hour.