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How to Build an Upholstered Bench (page 2 of 2)

Build an upholstered bench for extra seating without taking up too much space.

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Measure and Mark Center Points

Measure and mark the center point on the furring strip (Image 1). Measure and mark the center point on the piano hinges. Align the center marks of each piano hinge and furring strip and mark out the screw holes with a scratch awl (Image 2).

Create Lid

Measure the horizontal depth and length of the bench. To create the lid, cut a 3/4" sheet of plywood to size, plus one inch for overhang. Remember, if you are making a corner bench, one of the lids will extend the full length from the edge of the bench to the wall. The second lid will only extend from the end of the bench to the other lid. Measure to find the center of the lid. Align the center of the lid and piano hinge, and mark the screw holes with a scratch awl. Place your seat/lids into place.

Trim Foam

With the lids in place, put the high density foam on top of the lid, and use a felt tipped pen to mark the foam along the underside of the lid. Trim the foam to this size, and trim 3/4" off each side of the trimmed foam.

Trim Fabric

Lay your fabric out flat, face down on a work surface. Put the trimmed foam on top of the fabric. Place the lid centered on top of the foam. Using scissors, trim the fabric so that it extends out five inches from each side of the lid.

Staple Fabric

Fold the edges of the fabric on top of the lid. Staple the fabric onto the lid, being sure to pull the fabric up evenly as you go. Leave the corners for last.

Staple Corners

Once the fabric is stapled around the four sides of the lid, flatten and fold the corners as you would with gift-wrap, and neatly staple it down. Trim any excess fabric.

Attach Lid

Measure to find the center of the newly upholstered lid. Align the center marks of the lid and the piano hinge. Screw the hinge into the lid. Hold the lid into place, align the center marks of the hinge and furring strip, and screw the hinge into place using the marked holes. Apply molding to the bench, if desired.

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