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How to Upgrade a Kitchen Light Fixture

Replacing the light fixture in your kitchen is an easy how-to project, even if you're not an electrician. Learn how to change it out with these easy steps.

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Step 1: Turn off the Electricity to the Fixture

Turn off the power to the fixture from the home’s main circuit panel (circuit breaker or fuse box).

Step 2: Remove the old Fixture From the Ceiling

Remove the light fixture’s cap screw and cover plate, and pull the fixture away from the junction box in the ceiling.

remove cap screw and cover plate from fixture

Step 3: Detach the old Fixture From the Wiring

Unscrew the wire nuts connecting the fixture’s wires and house wiring. Be careful not to touch the bare wire ends until you use a circuit tester to make sure the power is off. Remove the fixture from the ceiling.

Step 4: Connect the New Fixture

Connect the wires for the new fixture, attaching black to black and white to white. Secure each connection with a wire nut.

Step 5: Secure the new Fixture

Carefully push the wires back into the junction box, and secure the new fixture with the cap screw provided.