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How to Upgrade a Concrete Patio

Transforming a plain concrete pad into a beautiful cobblestone patio is an easy DIY project.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Choose a Style

In this project, an 8x8 four cobble paver was used that creates a professional looking multiple piece pattern. For a more random look, use a partial piece to begin every other row.

A larger-sized paver dramatically reduces installation time. Designs such as the four cobble paver provide the look of four different stones in one single unit. You can change the pattern by turning the paver in different ways, or by using half rows to offset the pattern.

uniform cobble pavers give a professional look

Step 3: Place Pavers Against the Wall

Start by sweeping debris from the concrete. In one corner, begin placing pavers against the wall. If your dimensions do not come out evenly, you'll need to cut pavers to create a partial row. Use a circular saw or chop saw with a diamond blade for cutting concrete. If possible, use full pieces for the border and cut pieces inside the border row.

start in one corner and begin to lay the pavers

Step 4: Work From the Inside to the Outside

Work outward, butting pavers against each other. For the outside edge, apply thinset mortar to the concrete then press the pavers into place. Gluing the outside row in place will keep them from slipping and anchor the stones in place. Allow sufficient time for the adhesive to cure before walking on the patio to add sand.

apply thinset mortar to outside finished edge

Step 5: Create Grout With Sand

Finish by sweeping sand into the crevasses to create grout. This is a weekend project any do it yourselfer can do, and the results will last a lifetime.

sweep sand into crevasses for grout look