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How to Update Cabinet Doors, Flooring and Lighting in the Kitchen

A kitchen gets an urban contemporary makeover, from the doors to the lights.

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kitchen gets urban contemporary makeover
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    $500 - $1,000

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Step 1: Install the Backsplash and Sink

The new metallic laminate backsplash was easy to install by using panel adhesive (Image 1). Simply apply the adhesive and stick the backsplash, which comes in huge pieces, to the wall.

Drop the sink-dishwasher combo into the sink cutout (Image 2), and be sure to have a professional hook them up later.

Step 2: Update the Cabinet Doors with Polycarbonate

Note: Todd, the homeowner, came up with a great idea to update his cabinet doors. He went to a plastics specialty store and found some polycarbonate (Image 1) material that has a lot of different uses. For Todd's purpose he choice to use polycarbonate panels on the face of his wooden cabinet doors, and the outcome was an impressive modern look.

To cut the rails and stiles away to release the wood panels, use a laminate router (Image 2) that is smaller and easier to handle than a regular router.

Drop the new polycarbonate panels into place.

To attach the panels use glazing points, which will allow the panels to be switched out. Use a putty knife to make a little slot for the glazing point, then push it into place. Screw new handles into doors, using existing holes if possible.

Step 3: Replace the Old Lighting

Replacing the old lighting with a new low-voltage pendant lights with halogen bulbs was the easiest task of this kitchen renovation.

Note: Be sure to turn off the electricity before installing the new lights.

Simply loosen the nuts and remove the wiring of the old light and take it down. Wire the new lights per manufacturer instructions and install the new pendant lights.

remove old lighting

Step 4: Add the Final Touches

All that's left to this 48-hour makeover is to install the cabinet doors, the rest of the lights and the new flooring.

For the cabinet doors, simply screw them back on using the screws that you left in the door when they were removed.

The pendant lights attach to the wire with a clip wherever you decide to attach them (Image 1).

Underfoot the homeowner chose a rubberized exercise flooring (Image 2) that rolls right out and is held down with double-sided tape.

Finally, the refrigerator was rolled in and moved into place to put the finishing touch on this uniquely contemporary kitchen renovation!




  • Instant Plyorobic runway flooring (Perform Better/model: 4857/color: Black) from M-F Athletic Co. / Perform Better