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How to Turn a Table Leg

Use these step-by-step instructions to learn how to turn a table leg.

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Step 1: Cut the Corners of the Table Leg

Use a spindle gouge to cut the corners of the table leg. Roll the tool to the side, role it again, then push it forward all in the same motion to make the cut. A spindle gouge is a narrow turning tool with a beveled back.

Step 2: Cut Beads, and Create a Cove

Use the same tool and rolling technique on the cylindrical portion of the table leg to cut beads in the wood.

Continue using the spindle gouge, but instead of rolling the tool, sweep the tool back and forth against the wood.

use spindle gouge to cut corners of table leg

Step 3: Mark the Leg, and Create a Part

Make a mark near the foot of the table leg to indicate where the part will occur.

Use a parting tool to create a part at the foot of the table leg. A parting tool has a 'V' shape. Aim the point of the 'V' at the wood, then press it into the wood.

use parting tool to create part at foot of leg

Step 4: Taper the End of the Leg

Use the spindle gouge to taper the end of the table leg. Rough out the material first, then make a long, smooth cut.