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How to Tile with Stacked Stone Panels

Stacked stone can transform an ordinary wall into a stunning feature wall.

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Step 1: Spread Thinset

It's important to use cementboard as your backer, the product is very
heavy and can tear away the paper layer on drywall. Using a 1/2” notched trowel, spread thinset on a section of the wall, starting at the bottom (Image 1). You will also want to back-butter the stone tile with thinset (Image 2). The tile is so heavy that it will need more thinset to adhere securely to the wall.

Step 2: Cut Stone Panels

To eliminate vertical seams, the panels should be laid in a staggered pattern. In order to do this, you will need to cut some pieces with a wet saw. Because the stone panels are thick and strong, make sure you're using a heavy-duty wet saw that has a tilt so you can miter the corners.

Step 3: Set Tile

Work your way up the wall, continuing to stagger the tile. There is no need to grout because the seams are so small. Let set at least 24 hours.

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