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How to Apply Textured Drywall Spray

Follow these instructions to apply a drywall texture spray for a smooth wall consistency.

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Step 1: Apply Painter's Tape

Tape around windows, light fixtures, baseboards or anywhere else you don't want the texture spray.

tape areas to be protected from paint spray

Step 2: Mix the Texture Powder

In a five gallon bucket, mix about half of a 50-pound bag of drywall texture powder according to the manufacturer's instructions. Using a half inch drill with a paddle bit, stir the mixture until all the lumps are out and the mix has a consistency similar to that of sour cream.

mix drywall texture powder

Step 3: Pour the Mixture

Pour the mix into the hopper.

pour mix into hopper

Step 4: Prime the Spray Gun

Before you try a test spray, prime the spray gun to make sure the mixture is coming out consistently through the hose.

Step 5: Try a Test Spray

Next, try a test spray. With a sweeping motion, stand about four feet away and spray the mix on a piece of wallboard. Repeat until you feel comfortable with the results.

Step 6: Apply the Texture

Apply the spray with a sweeping motion approximately four feet from the wall.

apply texture spray with sweeping motion

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