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How to Tap Into the Water Lines for a Wet Bar

Host Ed Del Grande shows how to tap into the water lines for a wet bar.

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Step 1: Cut Into the Water Lines

To start the tap-ins, start with the water lines. Using a pipe cutter, cut into the hot and cold water lines. Make sure to have a bucket handy for any water left in the lines

cut into hot and cold water lines

Step 2: Cut the Pipe

Use the copper 'T' fitting as a template to mark the space where the water line will be cut out. Using a mini-cutter, remove this section of pipe.

mark space where water line will be cut out

Step 3: Install the 'T'

Clean and flux the pipe and fittings and install the 'T'. Finish by running your water lines to the bar area using basic soldering techniques.

install the T fitting

Step 4: Stub the Pipes

Stub the pipes through the wall and you're ready to hook up the fixtures. To do this, use a 5/8 drill bit to drill a hole at the base of the cold water copper line. Then, slip on a copper 90 and a short copper piece through the hole. Solder all joints.

stub pipes through wall

Step 5: Attach Double Stops

Repeat this step for the hot water line, and then attach double stops to the end of each line.

attach double stops to end of each line

Step 6: Do the Rough-In Procedure

It's time to do the drainage tap in – this whole process is called a rough-in procedure. No two plumbing systems are alike so you may tap in a different way.

Step 7: Drill Holes in the Water Line

To make a template for the tap-in, drill holes on the top and bottom side of the water line. Then, drill two more holes next to the closest stud.

drill holes in water line

Step 8: Cut Between the Holes

Use a saw to cut out the area between the holes.

Step 9: Drill Into the Water Line

Drill into the water line using a two inch hole saw, then install the saddle 'T'.

Step 10: Run the Drain Stubs

Run the drain stubs for the dishwasher and ice maker.

run drain stubs