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How to Take Measurements for Floor Tile Installation

Follow these step-by-step instructions to obtain the right measurements for installing floor tile.

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Follow These Simple Steps:

Correctly calculating the placement of the first tile is the key to a successful tile installation.

Mark the Center of the Longest Run

Determine the longest run of the room. Measure from the outside wall to the center of this run and make a mark. Then go further down the outside wall and make another mark at the same distance from the wall.

mark off measurements for tiling on subfloor

Snap a Chalk Line

Use these marks to snap a line the full length of the room. This line should be parallel to the outside wall. This line will be your reference mark to begin tiling. To set the line, spray it with hairspray.

divided floor into four equal sections

Dry-Fit a Row of Tiles

Dry fit the tiles from the center line to the outside wall to determine where the first row of full tiles will be and to determine if and where you will have to cut tiles. Make a mark, transfer this same measurement down the wall and make another mark. Snap another chalk line using these two marks.

press first terrazzo tile into place

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