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How to Stucco a Range Hood (page 1 of 2)

Add some color and texture to your kitchen range hood with stucco.

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Secure Hood to Wall

Secure the hood to the wall using a screw gun.

Measure Height and Width of Hood

Measure both the height and width of the face of the hood. Transfer those measurements onto a sheet of wire mesh.

Attach Wire Mesh

Using tin snips, cut out the desired area, and staple the trimmed wire mesh to the hood (Images 1 and 2). With a hammer, flatten the excess mesh down to the sides of the hood (Image 3). Repeat the process until the entire hood is covered with wire mesh.

Protect Hood

Protect the areas of the hood that aren't receiving the stucco treatment with cardboard and painter's tape to ensure a clean finish.

Mix Base Coat

With the prep work finished, it is time to take the project outside. Pour the base coat into a large pan or tub. Add water and mix with a trowel until you reach a consistency that closely resembles peanut butter.

Spread Base Coat

Use the trowel to graciously spread the base coat over the wire mesh until the hood is completely covered.

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