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How to Set Pre-Cast Stone for an Entertainment Bar

Host Fuad Reveiz shows how to set pre-cast stone in front of an entertainment bar.

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Step 1: Install the Cement Board

Install a 1/2" cement board to the front of the bar. Use a level to mark the location of the wall studs, and attach sections of the cement board using 1-1/4" screws to secure it.

install cement board

Step 2: Install the Metal Lathe

To install the metal lathe, set a section along the bottom of the bar, and attach it through the cement boards and into the studs using galvanized screws to secure it.

Step 3: Overlap the Metal Lathe

Cut the metal lathe with snips and make sure it overlaps the previous piece (don't forget to use gloves when working with metal).

overlap metal lathe

Step 4: Attach the Pieces

Set the top section into position, making sure it overlaps the bottom piece. Attach the metal lathe as before, until the entire area is covered. Cut away any excess at the top of the wall.

Step 5: Apply the Mortar

Mix the mortar and begin setting stones. First apply a scratch coat of mortar onto the metal lathe. Set corners of the design first, and then work toward both ends (In this example, it starts in the middle of the wall where the corners are located).

apply mortar onto metal lathe

Step 6: Set the Stones

To set the pre-cast stones, butter the backs with mortar, and press the stones into the scratch coat. Alternate the way the stones overlap at the corner to break up the pattern and prevent a continuous seam from appearing.

set pre cast stones

Step 7: Edge the Stones

Set about half-way up the first corner, and move over the other corner. Use a level to mark lines into the mortar to give a guide from which to set stones. Use the edge of the trowel to edge the stones as needed to fit. Continue working until the center section is complete.

continue working until center section is complete

Step 8: Set the Stones in the Short Wall

Scratch coat the short wall and scribe lines into the mortar. Set the stones over to the end of the wall. In this design, the stones end at the back of the cabinet and are flush on the sides.

Step 9: Set the Stones in the Long Wall

Move to the long wall and repeat the process. On this wall, the straight pieces can be set without a lot of cuts.

set stones on long wall