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How to Replace a Sink in a Bathroom

An old pedestal sink is replaced with a new one, and it still retains the room's classic look.

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updated bathroom retains period feel
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    $100 - $250

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Step 1: Attach the Handles and Faucet

Apply a bead of plumber's putty at the bottom of the valve handles and faucet.

Attach the handles and faucet to the sink by tightening the nut. Not too tight or you could crack the sink.

attach handles and faucet to sink

Step 2: Attach the Drain

Attach the drain throat to the drain basket. Use teflon tape on the tightening threads to insure a watertight connection.

attach drain throat to drain basket

Step 3: Attach the Water Lines

Attach the water supply lines. Connect the supply lines to the mixer.

attach water supply lines

Step 4: Install the New Sink

Remove the old sink. Set the sink into place (Image 1) and use it as a template to determine where the lag screws need to go. Pre-drill holes for the lag screws and use the nuts to screw them into the wall. You may want to slide out the pedestal to work on the trap.

Connect the trap and the water supply lines (Image 2).