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How to Repair Vertical Tile on an Exterior Wall

Learn how to repair exterior tile siding.
Excerpted from Do It Yourself Home Improvement

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Slide New Vertical Tile Into Position on Wall

Here's How To Do It:

Because layers of tiles overlap each other, a new tile cannot be nailed into the furring strip below. Instead, use adhesive to secure a new tile. If you need to replace several tiles, you will be able to nail all but the last one, which will need to be attached using this method. A slate ripper can be used as an alternative to a hacksaw blade. This technique can also be used to repair tiles on roofs.

Remove the Broken Tile

Wrap masking tape or similar tape around one end of a hacksaw blade to enable you to hold the blade without injury (Image 1).

Holding the wrapped end, slide the saw blade under the broken tile and cut through the fasteners that hold the tile in place (Image 2).

Slide out the broken tile (Image 3).

Position and Secure the New Tile

Apply all-purpose grab adhesive to the back of a new tile, at the top and bottom (Image 1), where it will sit on the furring strip and the tile below.

Slide the new tile into position, ensure that its top edge lies on the strip and its lower edge rests on top of the tile in the row below (Image 2).

Tape the new tile so the surrounding tiles hold it securely in position while the adhesive dries (Image 3). When it is dry, remove the tape.

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Excerpted from Do It Yourself Home Improvement

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