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How to Repair Damaged Drywall

At some point in time, a wall will be damaged enough to require a repair. This article illustrates the proper repair process.

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repairing damaged drywall
  • Time

    1 hour

  • Price Range

    $1 - $50

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Remove the Damaged Drywall

Use a framing square to mark a perfect square on the wall around the damaged area. It doesn’t matter how large the square is as long as it encompasses all damaged or cracked drywall. Using a utility knife, score along the outline to remove the drywall square with all damaged areas.

remove drywall square with all damaged areas

Step 2: Create a Drywall Patch

Use the detached piece as a guide to trace out an identical square of fresh drywall. Use a utility knife to cut out the patch of drywall being sure to get clean edges.

create drywall patch

Step 3: Install the Patch

Apply a layer of joint compound around the edges of the patch and slide it into place. Using a putty knife, add a layer of joint compound around the seams of the patch, making sure to fill the gaps. Let dry overnight.

Step 4: Sand and Paint

Sand the joint compound until it is level and flush with surrounding drywall. If the compound shrank or is uneven, it may be necessary to apply another coat of compound. When dry, sanded and smooth, paint the drywall.