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How to Repair a Gravel Driveway

By performing a little routine maintenance, you'll help prevent future erosion and keep your gravel driveway in tip-top shap.

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regular maintenance will help with future problems


Step 1: Repair Potholes

To repair potholes, cut the walls straight down with a shovel. Partially fill the hole with loose, course gravel and tamp it down. Fill the remainder of the hole with the same gravel used on the driveway and pack it down with a tractor.

use loose gravel to fill potholes and tamp down

Step 2: Spread a Fresh Layer of Gravel

Each spring and fall, dress your driveway with a fresh layer of gravel. The pieces of crushed stone on a driveway should have pointed edges, not rounded, in order to pack together tightly.

With a front loader, spread the gravel along the length of the driveway and smooth it out to create a slight crown in the center. Make sure the crown is at least one inch higher than the edges for each four feet of width. This will ensure proper drainage and will prevent standing water.

use spring and fall to give driveway new gravel