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How To Repair a Front Gate and Stone Steps

Learn how to give a front walkway an overhaul by repairing a gate and refitting stone steps.

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repairing a gate and refitting stone steps
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    $50 - $100

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Step 1: Replace the Gate Hardware

For a dragging gate, replace the fasteners that attach the panels and the braces. Cut pressure treated 1x4s and secure to the panels. Hold the gate level and screw the cross braces into place with galvanized screws.

replace gate hardware

Step 2: Remove the Broken Stone Footings

Remove any loose and broken bits of cracked concrete. Use an angle grinder to remove old paint in the joints so the mortar will stick.

Step 3: Mortar the Steps

Fill the holes generously with cement mortar. Once the large areas are filled, follow up with a jointing trowel to fine tune the mortar lines. Start with the larger holes first, and then move to the smaller areas. Let dry for a couple of hours. Paint the stones.

fill holes generously with cement mortar