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How to Remove Trim, Flooring and Appliances

DIY remodeling expert Paul Ryan shows an effective way to remove trim, old floor, backsplashes and appliances en route to an authentic Victorian restoration.

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Step 1: Remove the Baseboards and Shoe Molding

Remove the shoe and baseboards by using a small pry bar and hammer. Be careful to not gauge or chip the wood, because old wood can be brittle, and you may need to reuse the trim.

Using pliers and elbow grease, remove the nails from the baseboard and the shoe, pulling the nails through the back of the boards.

Remove any metal transition strips.

Step 2: Remove Two Layers of Flooring

In this particular house, there were two layers of flooring (old vinyl and luan) that had to come up.

Make cuts through the existing vinyl floor. Set a circular saw at 3/8", just deep enough to go through vinyl and subfloor, but not all the way through. You will need to begin your cut with a plunge cut. Make cuts the full length of the room, 3' to 4' apart. Use an "old" blade for this job since you'll probably be going through staples and other debris in the floor.

To take out the vinyl flooring, score it with a utility knife in a few places going the other way. This will make it easier to discard. Simply roll back the pieces and throw them away.

Using pry bars, lift up the lip of the underlayment so you can get your fingers under it. Be careful when lifting because the underside may be full of staples.

Use the roofing shovel to scoop up large amounts of flooring and underlayment. Once all of the underlayment is removed, go over the floor with a hammer, hammering down all of the staples that are sticking up.

use circular saw for removing old floor tile

Step 3: Remove the Appliances

Measure the appliances and compare them to the width of the exit route. You may have to remove the refrigerator door or even a piece of trim from around a doorway.

Unhook the gas line to the stove. Use an appliance dolly to make removing the appliances easier.

Shut off the power to the circuit and cap the wires when removing the vent hood.

removing old appliances

Step 4: Remove the Sink Cabinet and Countertop

Look under the top of the cabinet to see how it's attached. Remove the screws and pry the cabinet away from the wall using a small pry bar (Image 1) and hammer. Unless the cabinet is glued, it should lift off.

Remove the anchor screws from the back of the cabinets. Remove any anchor screws that may be in the floor.

Pull out the cabinet and remove it from the room (Image 2).