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How to Remove Tile Floor

Removing tile flooring in order to install new flooring is a dirty and messy job, but one that's easily done with these instructions.

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replacing old tile flooring
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Step 1: Remove the Molding

Remove the baseboard and shoe by gently tapping a pry bar, putty knife or chisel behind the baseboard while using a thin piece of scrap wood to protect the wall. Care at this stage will allow the baseboards to be reused after the floor is installed. Use a pencil to mark the backs of the baseboards so they are easily identifiable to be reinstalled in the same spot.

remove baseboard and shoe gently

Step 2: Remove Appliances

Take out any appliances that stand on the flooring.

Step 3: Cut the Tile for the Thresholds

For any threshold between the new floor and remaining tile floor use an angle grinder with a diamond blade to cut through the tile flooring. Carefully cut down the edge of the grout line on both sides. This will give a nice, even cut.

an angle grinder gives a nice even cut

Step 4: Remove the Floor

Put up a plastic barrier in order to keep the dust and debris from the tile removal from spreading throughout the house. This is a messy, dusty job. Use plastic sheeting or cut up plastic bags to seal all air vents to prevent dust from entering the ductwork. Use a hammer, hammer drill, floor scraper, chisel and safety glasses and remove the old tile. Scrape the old dried thinset off the plywood. Vacuum the floor to ready it for installing new flooring.

removing old tile is messy but should go easily




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