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How to Remove Kitchen Appliances and Fixtures

Host Paul Ryan demonstrates how to complete a kitchen demolition.

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Step 1: Remove the Appliances

If you plan to keep any of your appliances, or give them away, be extra careful when you remove them.

Use an appliance dolly to remove the appliances.

use appliance dolly to remove appliances

Step 2: Label and Remove the Cabinet and Drawers

When you remove the cabinet doors and drawers, be sure to label them, as they will be put back in later.

Step 3: Remove the Garbage Disposal

Turn off the electricity before you begin to remove the garbage disposal. Use channel lock pliers to loosen the compression nut on the garbage disposal.

Note: Call a professional if you have any questions about disconnecting plumbing.

Once you remove the retaining ring, the disposal will fall, so have someone hold onto it so it won't drop.

loosen compression nut on garbage disposal

Step 4: Remove the Sink

Use a utility knife to cut the silicone bead around the sink that seals the sink to the counter (Image 1).

Pry bars, a hammer, (Image 2) and pressure will lift the sink out of the cabinet.

Use pieces of 2x4 to act as fulcrums to support the sink (Image 3) until you are ready to lift it out.

Step 5: Cut the Countertop

Use a pry bar and hammer on the backsplash and counters.

To make it more manageable, cut the old countertop in half with a reciprocating saw.

cut old countertop in half with reciprocating saw

Step 6: Remove the Vent, Peninsula and Cabinet

Remove the cabinet where the stove vent was located. To remove the vent, remove the screws holding it in place.

Loosen the cabinet with pry bars (Image 1) and carefully take the cabinet down (Image 2). Use a reciprocating saw to cut the cabinets apart (Image 3).