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How to Remove Carpet and Parquet Flooring

Get rid of your existing carpet and parquet flooring, and replace it with hardwood and tile inlay. The experts show how to remove your old flooring, which is the first step in giving a room a floor facelift.

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give a room a floor facelift
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Step 1: Create a Layout

First, determine the best layout for the area. Draw your own layout to determine the best designs and material combinations or use a computer program to make the task easier.

Step 2: Clear the Room

Remove furniture, rip up the carpet and remove floor registers and other extraneous objects that could impede the progress during this project.

Step 3: Remove the Carpet

To remove the carpet and get down to the bare floor, first cut carpet at the hallway using a utility knife. Be sure to leave enough carpet to trim to the new hardwood floor pattern.

remove carpet and get down to bare floor

Step 4: Roll the Carpet

Beginning at the corner, pull the carpet loose from tackless strips (if used). Repeat on the other corner, then roll the entire section of carpet up in one big roll, pulling carpet loose from tackless strips as you roll. Pull the carpet pad up, roll it up and discard.

discard carpet and pad

Step 5: Remove Any Tackless Strips

Use a pry bar to pull tackless strips away from the floor. A pair of pliers or a chisel can be used to remove any remaining staples that secured the carpet pad.

use pry bar to pull tackless strips from floor

Step 6: Remove the Parquet Floor Tiles

Use the pry bar under the edges of the tiles to pop them loose. As you work toward the center of the room -- where the glue is heavier -- the tiles may become harder to remove. Hammer, pull and break the tiles as necessary. This is the hardest part of the job, but complete removal of all of the parquet is essential.

remove parquet floor tiles