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How to Remove a Tree

Whether you've had a tree cut or it has fallen, removing it is easy if you have a chain saw and safety equipment.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Begin Cutting the Tree

Before you start, check city or county ordinances regulating the removal of fallen trees. It’s important to make sure no power lines are caught in the branches. Either end of the tree is a good place to begin cutting. Smaller side branches should come off first, then the main branches, carefully working your way to the other end. Removing the small stuff as you go will make clean up easier.

Step 3: Remove the Stump

To remove the stump entirely, hire a professional with a stump grinder. If you need to move the trunk, a winch can help. Make sure you stand to the side when the cable starts moving.

a winch can help if a tree trunk need to be moved

Step 4: Divide the Trunk Into Sections

Once the tree is stripped, the trunk can be divided into manageable sections. It’s important not to let the chainsaw come in contact with dirt, it can dull the blade.

contact with dirt can dull a chainsaw blade

Step 5: Level the Stump

Leveling the stump is the last step. Good dry logs can be firewood, just place them away from the house so you won’t get termites. Check to see if your city or county trash collectors will haul away the brush and wood. If not, dispose of it only in a legal dump.

last step in clearing tree is leveling stump