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How to Refurbish a Butcher Block

Using a butcher block countertop from a kitchen, a desktop is built.

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desktop built from butcher block counterop
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    $100 - $250

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Step 1: Make the Measurements

Measure counter for proper length. Transfer measurements to butcher block and draw a line using a level as a straight edge.

measure counter for proper length

Step 2: Sand the Butcher Block

Clamp level to butcher block and cut to size with a circular saw (Image 1). Using a belt sander with coarse grit sandpaper, run the sander across the butcher block. Be sure to go with the grain and make passes over the full length of the butcher block to ensure a smooth even finish (Image 2). After removing most of the finish, change to a finer grit sandpaper, then switch to an orbital sander (Image 3).

Step 3: Make a Sanding Block

Make a sanding block with a scrap piece of wood and sandpaper with an adhesive on the back. Simply wrap the sandpaper around the wood (Image 1). Run the sanding block along the front edge to soften the edge (Image 2).

Step 4: Center and Secure the Butcher Block

Set butcher block in place and center it on the cabinet. Pre-drill holes on the underside of the counter, then secure it to the cabinet with coarse-thread screws.